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Olivier Chabaud Architecte

Olivier Chabaud Architecte

Architects from 28t, rue des Petits Pois, Clamart, France
Olivier Chabaud is one of those passionate people who have never considered an alternative to their vocation. Build houses, furniture design: no doubt Olivier Chabaud would be an architect. An obvious way to meet the need to tell stories, to draw living environments.
DPLG Architect Born into a double training in architecture and design at ENSCI - Les Ateliers (Paris), he set up his own agency in 2008 after various collaborative projects.
by observing the lines of work of Olivier Chabaud, one is struck by a perpetual search for meaning, lightness, space. Create a place is offer him the breathing space. Do not obstruct the views, clear the traffic, air walks. The creator analysis asks questions, takes time to identify the most obvious solutions for its realization appears to belong forever to its context.
And yet ... as simple and refined that seem to be its architecture or design projects almost as discreet as can be the man he is something happening. All the subtlety of his creative approach takes this progressive "countries into knowledge." The projects do not engage immediately, they reveal themselves in the light of the answers to the questions raised by the architect-designer.
If this is the function that directs the entire creative process of Olivier Chabaud, c ' is the perpetual questioning is the first tool. Jean-François Bellemère, designer and longtime friend says of him: "What characterizes it is that asks all the possible questions, even those we never imagined to reach the intuition about the truth of a place, to go beyond appearances. "
Shy and reserved? Olivier Chabaud is actually a stubborn discreet.
"What matters," he says "is the distance, in hindsight. Our perception of space changes according to whether one is inside or outside. It's the same for the objects around us. ". So the architecture, as the design, must give their response to the delicate question of scale ...
Work in confidence and in full transparency with its customers is also part of the game for Olivier Chabaud. It provides users with spaces that transforms, it is a true staging of their personal history.
On parking rehabilitated in plain concrete loft in a mansion along the Seine, a workshop artist levitating amid a field of sight to the thermal baths of Evian-les-Bains, Olivier Chabaud involved in projects where clean lines vocabulary consists of a sensitive and warm style. Geometric figures are developing a just and refined decorative frame.
The range of Olivier Chabaud materials complete its report creation: solid wood, lacquer to muted shades and elegant ceramic transpose the questions posed by the architect in his sites. How to translate the heat in a Parisian loft stripped without borrowing to mimic New York? How to translate the nobility of a big house without copying the great bourgeois style?
Olivier Chabaud is a creator of the useful, a designer of the essential. The pieces of furniture he designs also invest the field questioning the uses and matter. Silhouettes, which meet the new needs when he imagines a furniture for offices, and the simplicity leads to sheer elegance and sophistication accessible to all ... And it is in the subtlety of this palette that trace, in the end, the signature of the architect designer.
in 2013, projects are numerous and marked the maturity threshold of his work, both in architecture design. After realizing the rehabilitation of the thermal baths of Evian, and signed several residential projects of prestige, Olivier Chabaud launch with an Italian manufacturer and a French cabinetmaker furniture publishing house called Médris he will provide overall art direction because it is where we expect Olivier Chabaud in 2013, between design, art and architecture, at the crossroads, where all issues are yet to ask.
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