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THE CONCEPT BEHIND THE ORGANOID TECHNOLOGY What does ORGANOID mean? In breaking down the ORGANOID brand, “Organic” (in the sense of natural and pristine) and “oid” (from the ancient Greek for ‘like’) are the key elements. 100% sustainability, authenticity, closeness to nature and nontreated natural materials are the ingredients of our natural surfaces. How did the company develop? After three years of intense research and development, we founded Organoid Technologies GmbH in 2013. In the years that followed, our patented method was presented at numerous fairs and exhibitions worldwide, drawing interest from around the world in addition to numerous awards. The company currently employs 15 members of staff at its 1,200-m² facility (production and administration) in Tyrolean Oberland. What makes ORGANOID’s natural surfaces so unique? People feel most comfortable in a natural environment. After all, humans perceive the world around them with all their senses. We are able to achieve this feeling of comfort with our ORGANOID natural surfaces. Capable of evoking strong emotions, nature in its infinite variety is now featured in interior spaces as well. At first glance – we see the natural surfaces and recognise the raw material, e.g. lavender. Memories are evoked – grandmother’s garden, holidays in the countryside ... Curiosity is stirred and we move our hands and fingers across a tactile surface to feel its nuances and the individual parts of plants – leaf, stem, bud & husk. We perceive the delicate aromas with our finely tuned senses.We smell the surfaces and close our eyes: fresh Alpine hay, sweet rose, refreshing lemon, stimulating coffee ... and we pause for a moment to breathe deeply.
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