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Origineel Chapel Parket
Origineel Chapel Parket

Origineel Chapel Parket

Original Chapel Flooring Unique by nature  A secluded monastery, where timeless traditions are kept alive. The buildings lovingly looked after by their inhabitants, who know every crack in the walls, every knot in the wooden flooring. Their feet have left traces of wear on the floors in the rooms and hallways, telling a story of ancient routines. Welcome to the world of Original Chapel flooring.  The Original Chapel stamp is your seal of quality for the most exclusive, Dutch-made wooden flooring. The Original Chapel story is one of a distinctive natural product, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Natural identity We use only the best European oak to create Original Chapel flooring. We respect the natural variation in the wood; every tree is unique, and so are our products. Working and living on an Original Chapel floor will add your own signature, making it even more beautiful. It’s why we describe Original Chapel floors as unique by nature.

European tradition Our craft and experience combined with the best tools and raw material are your guarantee of an exclusive and superior quality product. All Original Chapel floors share a classic and timeless appearance that fits in the grand European tradition. Their authentic look and feel adds to the feeling of any interior, classic or modern.

Hand made Original Chapel is produced entirely in-house, from raw timber to finished product. We begin work immediately once your order is placed, so your flooring is made for you and you alone. Want to go a step further? Then work with us to create a custom-made floor that meets your exact wishes. Unique by nature indeed.

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Origineel Chapel Parket Schijndel
Nieuwe Molenheide 20, Schijndel, Netherlands