ORKO Architecture & Design (OR KOCHAV)

ORKO Architecture & Design (OR KOCHAV)

Architects from Eilat St 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
We are an agency in Tel Aviv that specialises in architecture, interior design, home styling and landscape design. Our team is very open-minded and well travelled, and services can be provided in English, French, Hebrew and German. All services are done to an international standard and with a holistic approach, taking great care and consideration of the clients needs, wishes and budget.

The studio has extensive experience in a variety of projects:

Planning of private houses and villas; commercial projects; interior design for houses; interior and concept design for stores and offices; planning and licensing of exempt agricultural buildings, etc.

With the knowledge and experience we’ve collected, we intend to guide you through the process of planning and design and grant you access to your dream home.

Our toolset is made of a few simple guidelines; these were formed through our experience in customer relations:

A skilled, experienced and competent staff to assist in the process; equipped with sense, patience and the ability to listen to the customer’s needs.

Staying within budget limitations.
Attention to details which lead to the desired result; the right composition of all the components we’ve selected throughout the process will lead to a complete and balanced result – both in practicality and design.

A great appreciation for design and esthetics, one which we attempt to pass along to our customers and enable them to express their unique personal taste.

Personal assistance throughout the process until completion to the customer’s satisfaction. The result is the sum of all the steps of the process and this process should be enjoyable and nurturing.

Service orientation; providing solutions and problem solving in every step of the way. We place emphasis on providing solutions in real time and are available to the customers 24/7. We understand that this is a personal and sensitive process that occurs once or twice in a lifetime, and for that reason we are there for you.

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