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Company Profile Osamu Morishita Architect & Associates was founded in 2000 The architect was born in 1962 Graduated from Waseda University graduate school in 1987, Joined huge Architectural designing company,’87-’99 The architect and his practice has won several awards: “William Van Allen Memorial Fellowship Competition in 1987” the 3rd Prize. (awarded by National Institute of Architectural Education in New York; Van Allen Institute-present) “Award of the new face of the Architect in Kansai” winner in 2006. (awarded by the Japan Institute of Architects) “The Grand prix of the Architect in Kansai” Encouragement Prize in 2009. (awarded by the Japan Institute of Architects) "Future projects - commercial - mixed use' category at World Architecture Festival" winner in 2012. A lot of other prizes… concept Primarily we consider the prosperity and intention of the clients to achieve their aims. Also we are aware of our responsibility not only on our clients, but also on the entire society, because any architecture is an evident part of the environment during all its existence. Looking at the future, we would like to suggest the innovative but steady architectures in the flow of time. Architecture is the result of the dedication by the people who realize it, but it is not a specific solution. It is just a coincidence chosen between thousands of possibilities. But the coincident must be backed up by the confidence in these principles and the verification related with the realization of the project. In order to make the best decision, we propose to the client an anticipation of how the building should appear at the end of the works.
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