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Osvald Bezes

Osvald Bezes

Osvald Bezes is the anagram of the name Vlatko Bogovic - Vlado. It reflects author's character which is creative, witty and authentic, as is his work. His lamps are unique works of art which reflect maker's technological connoisseurship of the material. They are not made suddenly, nor on the spur of the moment; their well-proportioned form is a result of long reflexion, examination, combining and systematics which devises the right solutions and adequate space for their defining and clear comprehension. The fullness and singularities of each item reflect creative power and the ability to elaborate and materialise the original concept. A paper sketch becomes visualised in a voluminous form, imposing the material, size and colour. Differences range from associative female forms which arise from warm, multi-layered wooden panels, to abstract, simplified, even industrially improved materials. Colouring is subordinated to the sculpture, it is basic and discreet; monochromatics or the contrast between two colours reflects harmony, but there are also the light effects which culminate as the finishing touch and an integral part of the form. Dominant and imaginative items reveal creation and imagination by contemporary and complete detachment from literalness. Uniquely shaped and gradually crafted, they provide an illusion of a surreal lightness which gives prominence to functionality. By stressing the linearity of the vertical, the lightness and the importance of ambiance-setting for which it was intended, the item itself links craftsmanship and artistic sensibility of its maker, which was historically recognized in Bauhaus, and is today reflected in a desire to own a unique item; both unique and authorial. Without decorativeness, or any redundant parts, colours and details, Osvald Bezes Sculptured Lamps remain on the same creative path, combining modernity and contemporary man's need for warmth and tradition. Jasna Rodin
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