Joshua White


Architects from 1726 N Occidental Blvd, Los Angeles, United States
PATTERNS ApproachPatterns
Our work can be described as an attempt to deal with architectural organizations capable of acquiring a rather unseen degree of material performance. While contemporary architectural practice seems to become increasingly divided into architects interested in techniques, material effects and sensations, and architects interested in pure programmatic performance, our approach seek to integrate these two notions into evolving patterns. Patterns are inclusive regimes that account for organizations and geometry, while also describing a complex of habits, life style, activities and behavior. At large, we understand patterns as dense organizations capable of affiliating and texturing cultural and social life into material form. Proximity Filmmaker David Fincher has made a significant innovation by introducing computer graphics in a radical new way. In an extremely suggestive architectural manner, Fincher uses the camera to inventively capture micro spaces otherwise impossible to detect that are however absolutely essential to the construction of a sequence's mood and spatial sensibility. The elaborate and difficult trajectories that the camera undergoes allow for an intimate relation with the structure, materiality and affect of certain objects thus amounting to an affective constructivism.The work presented here aims to the manufacturing of artificially singular environments characterized by their full proximity and intimacy with the systems and forces that influence and rhythm everyday material life. By ingeniously revealing the material and immaterial orders and structures that populate the world our approach intend to induce an emergent notion of experiencing, inhabiting and appropriating space thus instigating a heightened awareness of the extents of our material environment.

Medium / Media / Material
We believe in the self-evidence of any creative discipline. While external stimulus from other fields continuously reverberates, inspires and influences our practice, our work is fundamentally concerned with the architectural medium, that what is particularly intrinsic and inherently unique about our discipline. We are fascinated with the internal processes of architecture as a material practice, the messy transformations of physical flow and unformed matters into inhabitable spatial form, through digital techniques and abstract processes. Along these lines and by means of intensely exploring potentials and constraints allowed by digital media and its indexical capacity of incorporating information, we seek to engage the architectonic singularity of form, emphasizing its constructive qualities and logistics at work, its abstract organizational properties, substantial materiality and tangible affective outcomes.

Sensitivity / Sensations
We are really obsessed with the inherent beauty of some contemporary fabrics and their intricate mode of production and manufacture; their sensitive and responsive nature: the micro changes that textiles undergo in order to structure themselves while providing for a clothing and indexing the human body. By intensifying the material affiliations of architecture's constitutive systems and the diverse singularities it is capable of engendering, our work aspires to produce a formally stimulating and tectonically inspiring architecture of subtle sensations. This involves sometimes a sensation of fragility to these projects, a form of delicate weakness that proliferates in every system and component, whilst still amounting to a highly sensitive material order akin to the complexity and sophistication of contemporary life.PositionsWe are interested in exploring alternative paths within contemporary culture and its emergent materialist phenomena through new ideas, concepts but also and maybe as importantly, new tools, techniques and means of production. A radically exciting horizont has been open for architecture in recent years and we belong to a second generation of architects that have already been exposed to this frenetic flow of deterritorialization dominated by global culture and the emergence of new technology and rapid communication. While this phenomena is already been accepted, we are commited to engage the material processes derived from it in an actively productive manner, while remaining sensitive to some of the principles that have historycally characterized architecture as a discipline and as a practice.