Paolo Cesaretti Architetto
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Paolo Cesaretti Architetto

Paolo Cesaretti Architetto

Architects from Borgo Santa Croce 6, Florence, Italy
Paolo Cesaretti is a design consultant and creative director exploring the concept of designed space as device for delivering information and experience.

His practice works across the fields of architecture, design and identity with a strong concern on innovation and research. The international portfolio of clients spreads from manufacture and trade to mass retailing, digital media, finance and communication.

Our design is based on detail, suggestion, memory, with irony and playfulness when appropriate. We scan the context - physical, social, financial, emotional – and discarding the ruling clichés we act to reveal and amplify unexpected narrative features of spaces. On different scales and applications, from in-store identity for the main Italian mass retailing brand Ipercoop to Growing By Numbers (Milano) and The Irrational City (Venice), both part of an ongoing series of urban-scale light installations that draw attention to the transient or permanent features characterizing the identity of a city.

The practice has been taking part in several exhibitions – 13th Biennale d’Architettura in Venice is the last one - and being included in four editions of ADI Design Index – the best of Italian design yearbook.

Paolo Cesaretti is lecturer and workshop supervisor at SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design Milano. Visiting professor at Domus Academy, Politecnico di Milano, IULM Milano, RWU Rhode Island, TU Tehran University.

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