Parekh Collaborative

Parekh Collaborative

Architects from Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
We live in a context which is amorphous, densely populated and of ad-hoc grain, which demands places and spaces that are experientially enriching and uplifting. Parekh Collaborative uses understated forms to create serene buildings that yield powerful and subtle experiences for their inhabitants, influenced by rich Indian culture.

Our designs are based on the investigation, research and appropriate technology which creates values – always seeking to achieve both modernity and timelessness that reflect culture and society. Clarity is the core tenet, and one of the guiding principles of multidisciplinary design practice.

An exploration of strategies that seamlessly bring together Architecture, Landscape, and Interiors, delicately incorporating climate, surroundings, and nature into the composition transforming the space which has fourth dimension – Emotions. Parekh Collaborative, where business and personal relationships are valued and innovative design is balanced with the systematic organization with the flexibility. While clarity and dynamism remain constant, each site and client differ, and naturally so do the projects.

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