Patriarche and Co.

Patriarche and Co.

Architects from 200 avenue Jean Jaures, Chambéry/Lyon, France
Founded in 1960 the firm now employs over 125 staff (architects, engineers, town planners, draughtsmen, graphic designers, etc.) and is developing on an international scale.

Patriarche & Co is above all an architecture firm that favours a sober and contemporary style. Its working philosophy can be summed up by two mottos: “Form follows function” by Louis Sullivan and “Less is more” by Mies Van Der Rohe.

Functionality becomes the foundation of the project, which is enhanced by the poetry and skills of the firm’s architects. Great attention is paid to the selection of materials and to the influence of light for architecture must be seen from outside and come to life inside.

Patriarche & Co works on projects of any scale in offices, residential, industry, laboratories, sports/ culture, education, etc. for its clients: Airbus, Boiron, BioMérieux, Fournier-Mobalpa, Genzyme, Decathlon, Stallergènes, Somfy, Silvaco, La Caisse des Dépôts, regional and local governments, urban and intermunicipal communities, property developers, investors, etc...

For the architects of Patriarche & Co, design is all about pure projects and modern, elegant and timeless concepts with sober lines, in osmosis with their environments, be them urban or natural.

The sustainable development approach is simply a logical consequence of the constant exchanges between location engineering and the programme.

At Patriarche & Co, high environmental quality has never been viewed as a new trend. It has always been an integral part of the firm’s approach to architectural concepts.

Behind the “fun” side of Patriarche & Co lie exacting standards in terms of its approach to projects and their execution.

Architects and engineers work together to bring forth projects. They break down the barriers of specialization and engage simultaneously in project development. We have always believed that the quality of a project is tied to an approach encouraging global vision. For this reason, our team is qualified in the sciences required for project management (Architecture / Town Planning / Works Management / Building Services Engineeering / Structural Engineering / Landscaping / Sustainable Environmental Engineering / Clean Concept / Roads and Utilities Engineering / Quantity Surveying / Interior Design / Signage).
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