Paula Santos - Arquitectura

Paula Santos - Arquitectura

Architects from Porto, Portugal
Paula Santos worked in association with Rui Ramos in their own studio until 1999.

The company undergone a change in its legal formation in 1999, having changed its name to paula santos – arquitectura, lda.

Paula Santos has been managing partner since the formation of the company.

The office was formed to operate in the market of Construction and Public Works, covering the areas of Projecting and Planning, Consulting for the areas of Architecture, Project Coordination, Interior Design projects and Product Design.

The main area of services of the company has been that of Projecting, aiming at the preparation and developing of major signed projects in the privileged areas of architecture and project coordination.

For the accomplishment of such objectives, the company has maintained a policy of continuous investment in the areas of projecting, through the developing of a routine in investigation, perfected in proposals for Public and Private projects, with different programmes, including participation in international competitions.

Since the beginning the office has developed more than 250 projects, some of them published on National and International magazines.

The company has also a policy of permanent upgrading of technical equipment and routines. It has permanent collaborators and a different number of architects and technical engineers associates.