Paulo Antunes
Paulo Antunes

Paulo Antunes

Manufacturers from Av. Sto. António, N.° 67, Fiscal, Portugal
Elegant, simple and sophisticated that’s how we can define Paulo Antunes’ furniture.

Created in 2000 by Paulo Antunes, an architecture student and enthusiast, its brand always had the desire of producing furniture, specially upholstered, as it allows more plasticity and creativity.

Light and transparency combined with open minding, act as inspiring muses creating a furniture collection that celebrates tradition, design and comfort. The purity of forms contributes for the greatness of certain pieces, magnifying the essence of what’s really important, reaching the point of making everything that is around the focus of creation dispensable. The collection is timeless and results from a fusion between handcraft, design and wellbeing. The result is functional pieces that create elegant and rich ambiances through a wide range of materials, textures and by its team experience and expertise. Paulo Antunes’ concept and working capability allowed it to grow and be present in projects worldwide.

It’s bespoke sustainable sophistication!

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