Pedra Silva Architects
João Morgado
Pedra Silva Architects

Pedra Silva Architects

Architects from Rua da Fonte, 22A Esq., Lisbon, Portugal
If there is something that summarises who we are and how we work it would be that the best answer always depends on a good question.
At the origin of all our projects is always a unique way of facing a challenge and raising the same question: how do we transform a problem into a unique opportunity?
With more than a decade of experience, we have developed our capacity and flexibility, improved our methods, germinated our experience and know-how.
We grew and we got better and today we’re a reference in architecture and interior design, capable of responding to problems by adding value and finding the means to create your dream in any part of the world.
In the mean time we continue to do what we have always done: questioning what makes dreams and transforming an idea or a problem into an object of desire.
What if ...

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