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pedralíquida arquitectura+engenharia
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pedralíquida arquitectura+engenharia

pedralíquida arquitectura+engenharia

Pedra Líquida (Liquid Stone) was created in 2006 by Alexandra Grande, Daniela Coutinho and Nuno Grande, and it is based at Oporto City Centre. Its main activity relates architectural design, engineering and building management. Pedra Líquida aims to live and work for the city cultural consolidation, involving markedly the rehabilitation of urban buildings. Its main projects are related to house renovation (single and collective), new and creative residential and hotel concepts, exhibition design and curatorship. Pedra Líquida was among the finalist offices of the 2008 FAD Prize, Barcelona, with the installation titled "VIP, Very Irregular Polyhydric Room", at Casa da Música, Oporto; the office was also awarded with the 2nd Prize at the International Competition for the Renovation of the Tram Museum in Oporto. In 2012, Casa do Conto won the first prize at the "Renovation" category of the International Design Awards 2011, Los Angeles and, for the same category, at the Construir 2012 prizes. It was also awarded with an honourable mention both for the 2012 João de Almada prize and for the III Bienal Ibero-americana de Design, and select for the Respect For Architecture Porto 2012 exhibition.
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