Peripheriques Architectes
Luc Boegly
Peripheriques Architectes

Peripheriques Architectes

Architects from Paris, France
Created 15 years ago, Périphériques Architects is a collaborative group that explores innovative responses to architectural and urban development challenges. It merges the talents of two leading studios, Marin + Trottin architectes and Anne-Françoise Jumeau architectes / afja, each employing a dozen highly skilled professionale. At Périphériques we approach each project as a dynamic collaborative process where creative input and expertise complement each other to offer cross-disciplinary solutions.

This creative approach has seen us widely recognised as a premier architectural and urban development practice, tackling complex programs for a wide array of projects including residential, cultural, educational or retail. The studio continues to expand its presence with recent projects including the extension of the University of Jussieu, the remodelling of Nouveau Casino (Paris) and the award-winning Maison Go.

Whether working together or separately, Marin + Trottin architectes and Anne-Françoise Jumeau architectes are committed to designing projects that respond to contemporary issues in architecture and work in synchronicity with their surroundings.

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