Designers from HOSPITAALWEG 1 A, MARKE, Belgium
PER/USE is a Belgian brand that offers a balanced mix of contemporary design furniture, lighting and accessories designed by international designers. The functional collection, with a dignified and timeless character, however not missing a contemporary twist, is created by familiar names as well as emerging design personalities. PER/USE stands for Crafts and Soul. In a world dominated by mass production and consumption, an object becomes more desirable when it is made with craftsmanship and love.

Key words for PER/USE are: simple yet smart, basic yet timeless, sober yet rich, beautiful yet functional. PER/USE brings top quality through good craftsmanship, working mainly with natural materials, such as wood, glass, marble and cork. The complete PER/USE collection is produced in Europe, guaranteeing the high quality of materials used, with respect for the environment and according to high social and sustainability standards.

PER/USE stands for long-lasting pleasure by contemporary classics. Design is our nature!

PER/USE works with a combination of new upcoming and established designers, Belgian and international, such as Lucie Koldova, Dan Yeffet, Studio Segers, Caroline Voet, Frederik Delbart, NOTE Studio, Lieven Musschoot & Cas Moor, Patrick Séha, Frédéric Richard, etc.
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