Piet Boon Architecture
Piet Boon Architecture

Piet Boon Architecture

Designers from Oostzaan, Oostzaan, Netherlands

Award-winning design practice Piet Boon® creates bespoke contemporary architecture, interiors and products for the global luxury market. Renowned worldwide for exceptional craftsmanship, quality and vision, the premium lifestyle brand is distinguished by its design philosophy of refined sophistication. The practice was established in 1983 by Dutch designer Piet Boon (1958). Three years later, Dutch interior designer Karin Meyn (1961), joined as business partner and creative director. Since its inception, the practice has acquired an impressive portfolio of private, corporate and commercial clients in 46 countries around the world. Its headquarters are in Oostzaan, Amsterdam area, the Netherlands.

A seamless marriage of functionality with timeless design, natural materials, distinguishing signature details and a keen eye for aesthetics defines the work of fêted Dutch designer Piet Boon (1958).

The master designer and craftsman began his career as a building contractor which affords him a privileged insight into the design and implementation of every project he undertakes. By taking ownership of a total concept, Boon is able to realize his true vision.
Celebrated Dutch interior designer Karin Meyn has played an integral role in defining the now-famous Piet Boon® philosophy and style. With a refined sense of color, material and form - and an eye for one-of-a-kind objects, art and home accessories - Karin lends her distinctive personal touch to every project she undertakes.


Piet Boon® Architecture comprises an expert team of architects, led by Piet Boon and Chief Design Officer Roland Kokkeler. The team is recognised globally for delivering timeless, trend-transforming designs with a harmonious balance between function and aesthetics, a distinctive personality, and meticulous attention to detail. Piet Boon® is also distinguished by an invaluable background in construction which we lend to a diverse range of projects worldwide, including apartments, villas, hotels, offices, resorts and public spaces.

On each project, Piet Boon® Architecture works closely with Piet Boon® Interior - who design a customized client-centric interior - to create a total concept. Piet Boon® Architecture is responsible for everything fixed; Piet Boon® Interior is responsible for everything movable.

Piet Boon® Architecture is active in a wide range of projects throughout the world and is specialized in creating total concepts.

Piet Boon® Architecture offers four inspirational design styles:

Piet Boon® Originals
This classic Piet Boon® Style is durable yet elegant. Naturel materials combine with subdued color palette for a tried-and-true look that’s authentic in every detail.

Piet Boon® Beach
Honing in on beach residences and seaside resorts, this style creates a relaxed primary residence or home away from home; a personal retreat surrounded by natural beauty.

Piet Boon® New Luxury
Large and luxurious living in the heart of the city, this style uses exquisite fabrics and elegant detailing in a beautifully refined and sophisticated style.

Piet Boon® Living in Small Spaces
Created for people who love design and want the comforts and beauty of high luxury in a compact space, whether as primary residence or pied-à-terre.


Making people happy. That’s what motivates us. Our highly experienced team at Piet Boon® Interior - led by Creative Director Karin Meyn - is driven by our passion for creating a harmonious experience. We work collaboratively with each client to ensure every inch of a space is permeated with their personality and culminates in a vivid expression of their ideas.
Our services:
• We create bespoke interiors - both corporate and private.
• We restyle existing interiors - regardless of whether it was designed by Piet Boon® or not.
• We offer a refresh service - exclusively by subscription - be that seasonal, annual, or simply when life experiences usher in desire for a new look.

We work together with Piet Boon® Architecture on total concepts, ensuring a meticulous balance between customized interiors and non-fitted furniture.

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