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Pilkington Floatglas AB is a company of the NSG Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems in three major business areas; Automotive, Architectural and Technical Glass.
Automotive serves the original equipment, aftermarket replacement and specialised transport glazing markets. Architectural supplies glass for architectural applications, solar energy, digital signage and displays. Technical Glass products include very thin glass for displays, lenses and light guides for printers, and glass fiber, used in battery separators and engine timing belts.
We have major market shares in most building and automotive product markets of the world, with a broad geographic reach, enabling us to respond to customers whose operations , particularly in the case of Automotive OE, are increasingly global. NSG Group has today manufacturing operations in about 30 countries on four continents and sales in some 105 countries.

For more information about Pilkington Floatglas AB and our product range, please see the Swedish version.

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