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The mission of Placefocus is "to help people around the world create and promote quality places".

We share the practical, proven skills and techniques that, used together, create quality places through urban design and planning.

We call these tools and techniques "place skills". We believe that anyone can learn these tools and techniques and apply them successfully, helping them to make the very most of the places they are creating.

To achieve our mission, we offer authoritative, well-researched, easily understood place making information, presented in formats that you will find highly accessible and cost-effective. To this end, our material is instantly available online, our community is accessible throughout the world, and we have coaches able to help you with your place making, wherever you are and at whatever time suits you.

Working alongside founder Andrew Hammonds, the Placefocus team comprises trainers, writers, coaches, mentors and customer service specialists, all focused on helping you learn essential skills for quality places.

As advocates of quality places we publish the best examples in our cities and towns around the world, as voted by you, and verified by an independent panel of place experts.

Placefocus was established in 2009 and serves individuals, organisations, practitioners and travellers worldwide.
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