Platau | Platform for architecture and urbanism
Wissam Chaaya
Platau | Platform for architecture and urbanism

Platau | Platform for architecture and urbanism

Architects from Rached Center, 2nd floor, Jounieh Highway, Lebanon
platau is a collaborative platform of architects operating in the fields of design, architecture, landscape and urbanism. Our portfolio includes projects in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the United States, ranging in scale from spatial installations to mixed-use buildings to strategic visions.

platau uses design research, critical thinking and intensive communication to create projects that are highly adaptable to the needs of their users and environments, as well as their evolution over time. We develop each project as a calibrated answer to program, site, typology, and form.

We investigate form in relationship to inhabitation, performance, structure, materiality and spatial experience, encouraging the interaction between the different criteria to shape the final result.

Through interdisciplinary initiatives, platau is engaged with cities to articulate strategic visions that integrate larger geographies, environmental systems, socio-economical development and urban form; in order to reinvent the way public space and built environments are perceived and experienced.


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