Platinum Custom Rugs
Platinum Custom Rugs

Platinum Custom Rugs

Manufacturers from Via dell'Industria e dell'Artigianato, 22/B, Carmignano di Brenta, Italy

From a thirty-year experience in the rugs manufacturing sector to the most innovative tools and the noblest materials in the world for the realization of a fully customized product.
That is what the Olivo family has gathered in the Platinum Custom Rugs brand. Rugs have evolved into a work of unique identity, the concrete embodiment of emotions woven into wools, silks and fine linens.


Each story is like a rug: it stems from intertwined threads. Ours is the encounter of Veneto’s beauty and values.

Custom rugs – with colours, fibres, decorations and sizes chosen by the client – are now possible thanks to our deep know-how and cutting-edge technology. Passion and experience led us to appreciate workmanships, which have been cultural heritage for centuries. They guided us to interpret tradition with original patterns.


Our story has been warped around the Made in Italy values.

Being the carpet the “house tailor-made dress”, we aimed at having it tailored.
Serial items are not an option here, as each carpet is a unique creation realized in accordance with clients wishes and desires.


Platinum Custom Rugs Division enables to design carpets according to clients taste and creativity.

With Platinum Custom Rugs Division, our company offers the single and unique opportunity of creating tailor-made carpets: custom-made and develop in collaboration with the client. These carpets are handmade by our craftsman, who specialize in hand-weaving and knotting, in our OTID labs. Delivery times: 45/60.
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