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Pol Femenias Arquitectes

Pol Femenias Arquitectes

PFA is an Architecture studio based on extensive overview of design, working every project from the very first concept to each final built detail. We are a small firm and we like it because it allows a closer relationship with each client. The multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers that form the studio is complemented with a strong network of specialized consultants. We understand architectural design as a research for the comfort of the individual, and strive to create user- friendly spaces. We believe that Architecture should not be an aim on itself but a tool to facilitate relationships between people. Despite the youth of the studio, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate in a variety of projects , from large scale urban planning to small furniture design, along with housing projects or interior design . In all of them we try to solve with simplicity the complexity involved in every creative process, not renouncing sophistication, rigor and emotion that each project demands. PFA was founded in 2010 and throughout the years we have been honoured with the trust of public and private organizations from around the world, as well as the recognition in Architecture Awards (Ascer Award 2014, CID Award 2014) and press publications (Arquitectura Viva, El País, Detail).
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Pol Femenias Arquitectes Granollers
Santa Esperança, Granollers, Spain