Porous Pave Ontario
Porous Pave Ontario

Porous Pave Ontario

from Toronto , Canada
Innovation recreates surfacing

Welcome to Porous Pave Ontario, the exclusive distributor of the internationally award winning surfacing product from Porous Pave, Inc.

Porous Pave™ is a Eco-friendly surfacing material that is highly porous, durable and flexible. Made from recycled rubber chips - its whats makes it so flexible, & slip resistant, crushed granite - that is dry, dust & fines free and our innovative binder.

While numerous urethane binders exist, years of real world installations and testing has led us to develop this innovative blend with components no other binder in the industry has.

Porous Pave has many attributes. To name a few: highly porous - 6,300 gallons of water per hour per sq’, LEED Points - qualifications in many categories, Non intrusive installation - mixed on site & pour in place, 24-hours fully cured, cost saving - pour over asphalt, concrete, wood, fire rated, slip resistant - ADA compliant, critical fall rated, no issues with freeze & thaw cycles, helps in the health of plants and trees, low maintenance, resistant to salt water, chlorine, oil, gasoline, diesel, transmission fluid, muriatic acid, hydraulic fluid and more.

Commercial - Residential, Drainage applications. Available in single and two-tone colour mix blends.

Tree surrounds, roof tops, play grounds, walkways, driveways, trail ways, patios, docks, boat launch pads, splash pads, pool surrounds, fire pit surrounds, stairs, drainage, and more.