Portik Adorjan
Portik Adorjan

Portik Adorjan

Architects from N/A, Budapest, Hungary
Our design starts with computerized modeling of double curved surfaces. These surfaces are generated from the shape of the body and it’s interaction possibilities, excluding discomfort or fatigue of the user.
After the synthesis of the factors, we finalize the surface and follows the division in triangles, resulting a polyhedral surface with double curved character.
All the variations from the 3D design are exportable, allowing a high variation of shapes applicable from a simple stool to more complex versions like the sofas.

The components are sheets: which are defining the seat or the back holder; the connection elements of these sheets and wedges for the final fixing. The various positioning requires a precision gained by the computerized laser cutting. It’s also the precision of the laser cut needed for the firm fastening of the elements, grouped in a compact, strong and resistant connection joint.

One of the strongest construction material -the plywood- is used exclusively in our models.
The strength of the panel is assuring the durability, the lightness and the rigidity of the structure, the connection system makes unnecessary the use of other material like metal or plastic.
Before the cut of the components from the board, we treat the surface with several layers of floor wax and polishing, achieving a resistant, durable surface.

Next by the design of the shape, we accentuated the detail of the connection: the joints.
Therefore, the assembling process becomes a challenge, similar to a 3D puzzle model. The process is composed in a row of actions following the numbering of the pieces, according which, we are positioning the elements, and fix them with wedges by the use of a rubber or normal hummer.
The assembling is a spectacular process of forming the final shape from the simple components.

The resulting furnitureare assuring an increased comfort in use, generated by the positioning in soft angles of the panels, in plus, from the plywood board we gain a soft flexibility.
Our furniture are fulfilling the passion of a honest structure, with character and simplicity in a unique design.