Market leader in the production of stainless steel Our vision is to contribute to a better environment, while also safeguarding people’s health. This ambition is reflected in every stage of production – from raw materials, manufacturing and transportation, to usage and recycling. Production at Primy is based on high technology, environmental awareness and quality. We are driving development forward with the next generation of lead-free faucets, and we will not settle for simply making attractive products. This is a commitment that sets us apart from the rest. Award winning design Our design team takes a holistic approach that considers the environment, function and form as equally important. Chief designer Venkat Tirunagaru sees water as the source of life and works from “green principles” – with a desire to connect design to nature and health. Tirunagaru is well known in the industry, and thanks to his innovative and elegant style has received numerous design awards and distinctions, including the Red Dot Design Award. Before becoming an industrial designer for various global companies he originally studied medicine and the Ayurvedic principles. Eventually he ended up in Sweden, specializing in Scandinavian design for bathrooms. Tirunagaru has a strong commitment to the environment and is passionate about product development and innovation. Most of our faucets, for example, are very easy to install thanks to our clever quick mount. The Primy brand is part of Scandtap AB, which is owned by SWEANDO GROUP AB. Our mission is to establish successful businesses and brands within the building materials and bathroom industry for the Nordic market.
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