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PROJECTARQ has been created with the purpose of offering an integral service in architecture, planning, interior design, developing each project through contemporary designs that combine aesthetic, technology and budget, giving therefore the opportunity to our clients to live in spaces that respond to their needs. The architecture that we develop in PROJECTARQ emerges from the commitment of the client and the understanding of the architect, so that the work to be made is not only a responsibility it self, but in addition an integration with the urban, cultural and environmental context in order to enrich the site where each project is developed. Fresh ideas, combined with passion and expertise, result in brilliant solutions. Collaboration and diversity are the best path toward collective and individual strength. Our mission is to create special places that delight our clients and their patrons, improving our communities. Through collaboration with the client, we discover the right solution... the big idea... behind each project. This is the idea that propels each project to excellence, technical and functional efficiency, and fulfillment of the social and psychological needs of the people who experience it. PROJECTARQ has professionals of ample experience in residential, commercial, industrial and tourist projects, that have developed by almost 15 years altogether with other professionals and companies of architecture. PROJECTARQ counts on company alliances in the field of the structural design, infrastructure design, planning, environmental studies, construction and project management, with the purpose of giving integral solutions to the necessities of their clients.
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