PUNCH creates spaces, environments, and objects that are site specific to the client and their brand, while being conscientious of the impact the design makes on the surrounding environment and interaction between the end user. Our firm's process starts with an idea that is ultimately layered with multiple elements; building up within the project context through transformative design, exploration, and storytelling. Each project’s success lies in the research, innovation, design strategy, and social context that is specific for each space and client. Our designs are original works that embody passion, integrity, quality, and beauty; yet maintain functionality and simplicity. PUNCH Architecture is a licensed architecture and design firm in the United States with international project experience. PUNCH FAB is our fabrication, furniture, and R&D department. PUNCH&PIE is our business strategy and concept department that works with new and established brands through various forms of visual media such as film, motion graphics, and interactive site specific installations.
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