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PUNTOTRE - The History of the Italian Modular System.

Why Puntotre?
1. The broader range of finishes in the market: 12 3D Materic melamines, 7 Matrix laminates, 6 pickled finishes, 32 lacquered colors on open pore, 220 Laquers with RAL Color System, complete with metallic colors, 8 painted open pore Oaks 6 Glossy Polyester Oaks, 4 crafted Woods.
2. Use of materials W100 hydro, certificated with resistance tests in water of at least 4 hours, some materials tested 24 hours.
3. Flexibility in prices, through 8 cost ranges for all modular systems, to allow anyone to realize his dream.
4. High degree of modularity, with 5 cm step.
5. Craftsman department, specialized in “by measure” works, within the company.
6. Typical Italian design, research and constant innovation, always the latest trends in design, combined with the best materials available on the market.
7. GRASS hardware in steel with Soft Closing systems, certified more than 30,000 cycles of use.
8. Attention and care in every production phase, 4 control steps before packing.

Founded in 1984, it immediately shows itself as one of the most dynamic reality in the furniture field, which was still very attached to the furniture with the uniblock concept, even then presenting a modular concept, which aroused enormous interest in a market with growing needs. In 1991 it comes the new plant 6000 square meters, on an area of over 30,000 sm, at this stage have been carried substantial funding in machinery, technology and research, which led to the launch of what are today the cornerstones of the modular systems and placed Puntotre’s brand among the top companies in the domestic market. In the following years, the opening of new foreign markets (USA - Russia - Germany - Scandinavia - France - Holland - Far East, etc ..) subsequently increased the company’s position. Approaching the 25th anniversary of foundation, it is implemented the production area with other 5000 square meters, bringing the total area to over 11,000, allowing to improve the capacity for the benefit of the customer service and the expansion of more new markets in the East. The brand Puntotre, has over 30 years of activity, but he has not lost the initial spirit of the company, constantly looking for signals both from market and research , in order to better interpret the innovative spirit of the typical dynamic Italian entrepreneurship, thanks to which DNA, is normal what, for the other, outside of our country, it is impossible to conceive.

Puntotre’s modular systems, are advanced design tools, which, in the hands of professional designers, allow the realization of a tailored product, while remaining within the range of standard elements. The two main systems (Groove and Handle), surrounded by a number of other models, can count on:
- WASHBASIN UNITS with widths 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 - 120 cm
- COMPLEMENTARY UNITS with widths 25 - 35 - 50 - 60 - 70 - 80 - 90 - 100 - 120 cm
- CURVED UNITS with widths from 70 - 90 - 105 cm
- HEIGHTS 24 - 36 - 48 - 60 - 72 - 84 - 117 - 165 - 177 - 201 cm
- DEPTHS 35 - 40 - 52 - 60 cm
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