Moon Jansen


Designers from Raamdwarsstraat 5, 1016 XN Amsterdam, Netherlands
Meaning ‘Flow’: [source: encyclopedia]

“a total engagement in life, including all positive aspects of the human experience: creativity and delight, but also a state of mind which appears when you got the feeling that the challenge you are facing is in balance with your capability, with the flow”

Above is the condition for each project, both for the client, the team of PuurFlow, the whole process and above all for the result: the creation of a personal and ideal environment.

PuurFlow has been creating and realizing various projects and concepts since 2008, with a focus on residential design.

Characteristic for all our projects is the fact that we work with PURE materials, symmetries, volumes, light and sight, often in original, existing spaces of monumental kind. In that way we can retain the strengths of these spaces and deliver the desired result.
Beside private clients we often collaborate with real estate agents and investors, so that we can get involved early in the process and a maximal result can be accomplished.

Furthermore we have been collaborating productively with Flow Works for years, so we could realize various projects during a pleasant process and within financial boundaries.

In brief: your partner for every turnkey project! From the first sketches till the last flower on that specific table, little and effective or big and overwhelming, national or international: we are here for you.