querkraft architekten zt gmbh
(c) Hertha Hurnaus
querkraft architekten zt gmbh

querkraft architekten zt gmbh

Architects from börseplatz 2, vienna, Austria
querkraft, founded in 1998, is an architecture team with three partners and approximately 35 team members. querkraft does not have a specialised focus within the industry, but rather stands for a different approach to architecture and design.

give people space
querkraft see the person as the central coefficient of the planning process. this concentration on the fundamental aspect is the drive behind our work.

challenging the assignment
is always our first aspect of a project. often the prescribed task is inaccurate and a better solution can be found through a rethinking of the assignment from first principles.

lateral thinking
defines our method of working. we also find solutions that are not common, because we approach a task relaxed and without prejudices.

responding to the client
is an important part of our planning process. our concepts change regularly and are often discarded when arguments show differently.

comprehensive project development
is an integral part of our work from concept to the finished product. we want to see results.

efficient building
is a theme for all of our projects. from concept to detailing we always strive for efficient solutions. within this manner of reduction there is potential for creativity.

the use of building is the goal
of our projects. for that reason we ask ourselves how our buildings will look in the future, how they or their function will change and which signs of usage will be later evident.

enjoyment in the office
is a quality of life for us. thus we get excited about projects in which we can employ our skills and we decline those projects whose conditions do not allow use to freely engage our competence.

planning fees
which we ask, are higher than those of our colleges. good performance cannot be generated cheaply.

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