Manufacturers from Zonhoven, Belgium
Radson, a family business founded in 1966, is today a leading manufacturer of radiators
become in Europe. Since 1990 the company Zonhoven part of the Rettig ICC Group, a Finnish multinational, and she possesses branches in France and the Netherlands. The Belgian production unit produces daily a 7,000 to 10,000 radiators.
Radson built a solid international reputation thanks to the development of the revolutionary
principle '2 in 1 ': two convectorlamellen on a single hot channel. These innovative welding technology, in
combination with the specific form of the inner panel of the radiator, ensures a high heat output and a rapid warming.
Even today it remains Radson invest in quality and innovation, taking account of the environment.
The radiator specialist proves indeed any day that water and air purification, noise control and
heat perfectly together with profitability. The numerous environmental certificates that Radson
obtained, are proof of this. Besides quality products, Radson a complete service. Service that translates especially in a wide range of panel, bathroom, design radiators and underfloor heating. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that you will return back detail. Finally, the stock of not less than 110,000 radiators for a wide range of possibilities and fast delivery.
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