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RAUM is an architecture studio founded in 2009. RAUM base and evolve their work on research and experimentation on different forms of living in the contemporary world. Their working method finds its roots in the singular identity and demands of each place and program: starting from what is particular, local in order to resonate on what is general, global, and explore the role of architecture as the connection area (of action, of debate) between material and environment. If the stakes of contemporary architecture lie well in this dual consideration of the particular and the common, the hypothesis developed by the RAUM workshop is neither backward-looking nor mimetic. It is through the construction of singular situations that architecture can offer a desire powerful enough to transform what is considered as real. To build is the necessary medium of RAUM’s workshop in order to develop those mechanisms and problematics necessary to search a quality of construction as the inevitable condition for fabricating common good. This social challenge, which positions architecture at the very center of a collective question, need to be feed in parallel with an experimental and explorative approach of the project, the form, the disposition and the handling of the materials. Furthermore, beyond a «traditional» way of practicing architecture, RAUM workshop is a place where several prototypes and silkscreens are made, a “home” for residencies, exhibitions and concerts, a place constantly “under construction”, in perpetual move, where material and materiality are questioned as for their place in the living-world.
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