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Raytech, the leader Company in the world in the field of the accessories and components for electrical networks, since the beginning is the synonymous of research and innovation, of quality and safety for the persons and the ambient; Raytech has the ISO 9001 (certification ISO 9001:2000 - "Vision 2000").

Located close to Milano – Italy -, Raytech operates according to standard which conform to the International rules, fully respecting the ambient and the safety.
Raytech is equipped with suited production machinery and control instruments, as well as a large warehouse for the stocking of raw materials and finished products, to satisfy all the customer needs, with a delivery service in 24 hours from the receiving of the order.

Raytech operates in 32 foreign Countries, from the Scandinavian, to the Arabic or Pacific ones, with a network every day more active and branched, with a range of products able to satisfies any need.

Thanks to Raytech R&D , which avail itself of a large experience in the field of activity, and of a very well equipped HV laboratory suitable for any kind of test, AC, DC, impulse, load cycling etc..
Materials and compounds are studied in the physical /chemical laboratory, where all the technical parameters are determined, in the research of safe and non toxic solutions.

Rapid non toxic joints without shelf life, self extinguishing rubbers in paste or liquid with fast cross linking, insulating and sealing gel for use at high depth, professional non toxic adhesive gels suitable are only some of the products recently developed by the R&D of Raytech.
They complete the big panorama of Raytech production, which comprise tapes and components for electrical use, LV and MV accessories, fishtapes and lubricants for the positioning of cables in ducts, self regulating heating cables for the electrical tracing, fire barriers.
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