Manufacturers from Dietrich & Blazejczak, Holzmarktstraße 11 , Potsdam, Germany
Franz Dietrich and Jacob Blazejczak have befriended during their product design studies at the Fachhochschule Potsdam.

Franz Dietrich loves the lifestyle around the roller blading. In product design, he has found that freedom and so developed his own personal expression. Led by driven research found Franz while he was studying the way to the Computer Aided Design (CAD) and discovered his enthusiasm for CNC milling technology - a solid equipment for his today's product designs and developments. He laid the foundation of Rejon Through his thesis on the regional production networks and the development of a regional brand.

Jacob Blazejczak, grew up in a characteristically industrial area near Mercedes headquarters, has discovered very early his love for the beautiful things. After training as a sculptor and designer in the craft in South Tyrol he has made trips to a variety of topics such as Design & Engineering, author design and marketing. His thesis dealt with a sculptural position in the product design - and how an idea can be expressed specifically in a three-dimensional form.

In the brand Rejon Franz and Jakob have found your home in which they can live to their vision of a total work of art.
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