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Remer Rubinetterie
Remer Rubinetterie

Remer Rubinetterie

Remer Rubinetterie SpA was founded in Milan in the '60s and is rapidly evolving to trade in Company Manufacturer of hydraulic fittings and small parts gradually expanding its range of products and becoming increasingly competitive both on the Italian and foreign markets. With great dynamism and always attentive to the needs of the industry, began in 1970 to produce cast and molded in brass and other materials such as steel. These products are then sold under the brand Remer Rubinetterie which then begins a historical journey that will take him in constant growth and image quality value to this day. Flexitaly was born in 1980, Remer Group, from the need to integrate the catalog with the production of braided flexible hoses (seen already in the distribution of large-scale mixers) steel or aluminum assemblies for hydraulic use. The brand Flexitaly is then created and placed on the market. In 1990, both brands are born RR RR PLAST. RR will be the identifying mark of Remer for its productions of such technical as small parts, fittings and valves. RRPLAST will be the hallmark of Remer for its productions of plastic material for hydraulic application. In 2000, the brand is also created Remer Bath, with which the company is opening up its production to items of kit such as bathroom accessories. Therefore, the Company differentiates the product category of their productions through diversified brands: Remer Rubinetterie for traditional and mixer taps, taps and timed sensor, hydrotherapy department, shower and wellness BATHROOM REMER for items of bathroom accessories in support of their practical aesthetic lines. RR (RR Remer Rubinetterie) for technical articles such as hardware fittings valves RR PLAST for technical articles in plastic such as pipes, siphons, washing machine hoses, ptfe FLEXITALY for flexible mixer, shower, vibration The vast production of Remer Rubinetterie port as a key point in the proposal to the customer who is in Remer well as a serious partner and reliable quality also able to provide the company in less time and with a great value for money a very important slice of product for the plant.
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