Renaissances Glassworks

Renaissances Glassworks

Manufacturers from Quebec, Canada
Enhance your interior designs with our fabulous unique glass products

Renaissance Glassworks is proud to offer its expertise and outstanding glass products for your commercial, institutional and high-end residential projects.

Our specialty is the design and manufacture of avant-garde bathroom and kitchen luxury glass products: shimmering glass tables and counter tops, sparkling wall panels, stunning shower stalls and floors, sumptuous washbasins and accessories. All in solid glass. Unlimited thickness, in an impressive range of textures and colors.

Renaissance Glassworks also offer arresting architectural solutions for hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, in fact, any commercial space, office building or public area in need of a distinctive, high-class look.

Let’s face it. Just about anything you can dream of with glass, we can do. Custom-made to your demanding specifications.

We are available all across North America, and even offshore – lately, we outfitted 40 high-end villas and condos in the Virgin Islands. We often work in partnership with an ever expanding network of selected interior designers, who are keen on improving their options, and who frequently praise our superior products, as well as our availability and efficiency.
We owe our reputation and our constant growth to our talented craftsmen. The know-how, solid expertise and constant passion of our team ensure results that live up to your expectations.
The key benefits of working with Renaissance Glassworks:

We care

Our motto is: Tell us your dream. We do the rest.

Actually, most clients, especially interior designers, want us to get actively involved with them. After all, creation is a process and, most of the times, genius is a collective endeavor. So we get involved. We listen. Ask questions. Take measurements. Then we come up with options. We talk, make drafts, scrap them, talk again, come up with new ideas, toss them around, improve them, then talk some more, until we achieve the best possible creative consensus.
Any functional, aesthetic and technical consideration having been carefully taken into account, our expert team at Renaissance Glassworks now sets to work.
We create glass as you have never seen it. All of our expertise, all of our efforts aim for this unique goal: providing our client with top-quality, exclusive and durable glass components that will meet, and even surpass all expectations.

We add the personal touch

When working with a client, we offer an impressive selection of textures and colors to choose from. As an added bonus, we offer the option of color infusion with recycled glass powder, which allows for infinite creative possibilities. If the client so wishes, he or she can enjoy the thrill of making the final decision about the mix. The client becomes the artist, the ultimate creator of this striking color pattern within, say, a kitchen glass counter top, or a bathroom vanity table, which will amaze visitors for years to come…

We strive for quality

At Renaissance Glassworks, we believe attention to details is paramount at every phase of a project, right up to the finishing touch. Our work ethics is based on the turnkey delivery principle. We follow all aspects of your project with painstaking care. We exert rigorous quality control at every step. From early sketch to final installation, we go the distance. We guarantee client satisfaction. Period.
Renaissance Glassworks is a member of the NKBA Association. We provide a comprehensive warranty on all our products.

We explore and innovate

At Renaissance Glassworks, we are always on the lookout for new technologies in materials and for creative trends and design styles. Thanks to our strong expertise and innovation, we have developed, over the years, the most advanced multiple-layer glass fusion techniques.
Renaissance glass is quite simply one of the most amazing materials available to designers in North America. We are proud to offer you the architectural wonder “par excellence”.
Vibrant light, shimmering colors, and intriguing textures: let your clients enjoy the best in convenience and enchantment, the ultimate in splendor and refinement.

Add prestige and innovation to your interior designs with Renaissance Glassworks
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