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Manufacturers from Ctra Santa Coloma, km 46 , Les preses, Spain
Resol was born more than 50 years (1961) ago since become a benchmark in the field of plastics processing statewide. In the beginning he was noted for having the most comprehensive range of refrigerators and veneer. Subsequently, highlighted by the first chair manufactured from a single piece of injected plastic state.

Currently, stands as a manufacturer of plastic products with high added value in design, innovation and technology, while the processes of developing, manufacturing and marketing of indoor and outdoor furniture to lead, and process engineering thermoplastics injection. In fact, thanks to this knowledge and technological development, has been incorporated into the furniture sector technological advances originated in other sectors.

With an international focus, its products and services are present in more than 100 countries worldwide. They feature the most extensive range of furniture for the hospitality sector, and are leaders in products for mass distribution and furniture design through brand Dd Barcelona , which have the collaboration of prestigious international designers like Josep Lluscà or Joan Gaspar.

Resol is formed by companies Resins Olot (furniture products in own brands) and PLASFUR (technical plastic injection for others).
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