Ricci Spaini Architetti Associati srl
Ricci Spaini Architetti Associati srl

Ricci Spaini Architetti Associati srl

Architects from via sora 33, Roma, Italy
Mosé Ricci, Filippo Spaini,Elisabetta Piccione, Rossana Lamanna, Luana Prunesti, Alberto Raimondi, Alberto Birindelli, Maddalena Ferretti, Massimo Tiberi
and with Marina Lattanzio, Valeria Penna.

Dealing with projects from the urban to the detailed scale, the office is, from many years, in the middle of the Italian architectural debate, being involved in the main contemporary issues of our profession. Profession and research are actually complementary and strictly linked in the office’s work, whose main target is always the design quality, from the concept until the construction.
In the last years the participation to many national and international competitions and the realization of the related preliminary and development designs highlighted our fields of interest:

- infrastructures, with the project of the New Light Rail in Sassari (2009), the first prize in the International Competition for the Vesuvio Red Train project (2008), the project for the realization of the acoustic barriers in the South Ring of Milan (2008), the project for the travellers building in Arcore Railway Station (2004-2005), the development of the acoustic barriers’ design for many stretches of the Italian railway network (2002-2003).

- public services, such as the project for the Campus of Automotive and Mechanical Innovation in Val di Sangro, Abruzzo (2008-2009), the project for a primary school and a public park in Fontana Candida, Rome (2007-2009) and the project for the Zoo prophylactic Institute of Abruzzo and Molise in Teramo (2004-2009), all resulting from the victory of international competitions promoted by the related public administrations;

-work spaces, with the restoration of Ghella ECO OFFICE (2008-2009), the renewals of the FILAS offices in Rome (2003-2004) and the restoration of Australia (2003-2004) and New Zealand (2007) Embassies in Rome;

-exhibitions and museums, with the realization of MAP, an open museum in the centre of Cosenza (2004-2005) and the exhibitions named “Atlante Italiano 2003” and “Atlante Italiano 2007” in the MAXXI museum in Rome and the visitor’s reception building in the Poppea Villa, in the archaeological site of Oplontis, Campania (2005), which is under construction.

Our office’s work has been exhibited in many occasions, such as exhibitions and conferences, it is published on many architectural reviews, it is object of lectures and presentations throughout Italy and abroad.