Rizoma Arquitetura

Rizoma Arquitetura

Architects from Brumadinho, MG, Brasil
Rhizome is a botanical structure, a type of root. It grows superficially, spreading through the territory and generating new plants. Unlike the root of the tree that grows vertically, the rhizome has no hierarchical structure, it functions as a network.

Its structure allows the plants to exchange nutrients, in a collaborative survival. At the same time, if one plant is cut off from the rhizome, the others are not affected.

In the office, the rhizome is a form of knowledge exchange, where the goals are mutant. Currently Rizoma Architecture has two architects and one geographer. A small structure, but that allows us to make partnerships, work in different places, with different disciplines and teams. We join other offices and professionals for specific projects and then return to the original configuration, which allows us to exchange knowledge both in the field of theory and in the practice of architecture, keeping us always open to new experiences.
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Rizoma Arquitetura Headquarters
Brumadinho, MG, Brasil

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