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Robin Baker Architects
Robin Baker Architects

Robin Baker Architects

Robin Baker Architects are a practice of award winning architects located in Birnam, near Perth, working on projects throughout Scotland. We approach each project by assessing the site and the client's requirements before proposing a unique solution, based upon over 25 years' experience. Our approach to sustainable design means that we respect the natural and historic environment and the surrounding landscape or townscape. Whether we are designing a new building or altering an historic building we draw out the specific qualities that exist in that particular building and site. Therefore our designs are extremely varied. With the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 containing the most ambitious targets it is now essential to ensure that both new and existing buildings are made low carbon. Insulating well and building with airtight construction requires ventilating right and ensuring that we breathe clean air unpolluted by toxins. We devote considerable effort into sourcing eco-friendly materials that are affordable for our clients. Robin Baker has been a registered architect since 1984 and gained many years of experience designing private and social housing and working on urban regeneration projects in Yorkshire. In 1992 he moved to Scotland to work with Howard Liddell, the founder of Gaia Architects, and then in 1996 established his own office, trading as Gaia Architects Aberfeldy until October 2008 when he founded Robin Baker Architects. Robin gratefully acknowledges the influence and kind support of Howard, who is credited for his early involvement in some of the projects illustrated.
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