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Rolf Sachs
Rolf Sachs

Rolf Sachs

Conceptual artist and designer, Rolf Sachs’ work takes inspiration from everyday objects he believes to have soul and character. His passion for experiments and inventions drives him to challenge the standard applications of materials; he thrives on the unconventional and the unexpected. His work moves across art and design, objects, spaces and visual medium, all of which are approached with his playful sense of humour. The essence of his work encourages human interaction, and emotional and sensory reactions. Sachs is forever curious and is renowned for surprising audiences and questioning preconceptions. Born in Switzerland, the son of a German industrialist father and French mother, he set up his London based studio Rolf Sachs fun c’tion in 1994, which has now become a creative laboratory brimming with ideas, prototypes and creations where, together with his team, he fuses design with the arts.
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