RooMoo is an interior design studio founded in Shanghai by Tao Zhang, Ray Zhang, and Marine Bois. The three come from different backgrounds: landscape, architecture and interior. Combining their strength allows them to realize big-scale and smaller-scale projects such as hotels, commercials and restaurants.


Regardless of the range of scales projects, their central ethos makes each project unique. For each project, they focus on bringing a singular response to the need and aims of all their clients. To do that, RooMoo systematically does some research and investigation for every project. They execute this research with a humble approach and study the ordinary to create the outstanding. Therefore, each concept story for every project is unique. Each material surface used will be subject to a long approach and search. Most furniture and lighting are bespoke for every project.


RooMoo is willing to play with materials at the crossroads between industrialization and craftsmanship. To apply, re-invent, add, and re-use what exists for the pleasure of living to achieve sustainability and protect the environment. RooMoo anchor aims to be environmentally friendly all along the design process and during the construction. They like to give a new life to existing materials and bring details through craftsmanship to elevate the beauty of the ordinary. 


Even though RooMoo worked extensively on a hospitality project with solid knowledge about the food and beverage industry and hospitality function, they also explored commercial and residential projects. The diversity of our multicultural team allows us to explore the critical point between the local culture and internationalization.

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