RP Technik
RP Technik

RP Technik

Manufacturers from Edisonstraße 4, 59199 Bönen, Germany
From profile to system

The RP Technik GmbH has been a company of the Welser Profile Group since 1998. We specialise in profile solutions in building, design and architecture. Our prominence is based on know-how, providing the user with profile systems which are convincing in terms of the technology and simplicity with which processing takes place. Accordingly, the RP Technik product range includes components for:

facade systems, facade tower systems and facade tower systems of wood and aluminium
thermally insulated and non-insulated door and window systems
Depending on the specifications, the RP Technik systems may include:

Wind load
Air permeability
Water tightness
Shock resistance
Burglar resistance
Thermal insulation
Sound insulation
Finger-trapping protection
Duration function
Fire and smoke protection

RP Technik systems work reliably worldwide. For this, we make use of an extensive network of distribution partners, as well as the synergies of the Welser Profile Group, which has sales offices across Europe and beyond.
Our Offices
RP Technik
Edisonstraße 4, 59199 Bönen, Germany