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Architects from Alexanderstraat 1, Den Haag, Netherlands
RS I Roeleveld-Sikkes Architects is an all-round, broad-based, internationally operating architectural firm with offices in The Hague and Budapest. Our office is characterized by a careful approach to the task and a clear vision on design. Planning issues, the quality for the user and a broad, social view of the discipline are important elements of the design vision. We are working on projects in housing and utility, on varying scales, from urban master plans to interior and renovation assignments.

We are convinced that architecture is more than making a building. The building is always part of the public space and its size and materialization have effect on the different levels of the environment. We design with respect to the existing qualities and at the same time location and history are a source of inspiration for the design. It is not about ‘form to form', our designs are always inspired by use, experience and environment.

Terms such as sustainable energy, heat pumps, green roofs and intelligent building are important components of the formula of our subject-specific concept. During the materialization we also pursue sustainable solutions. We attempt a certain restraint and do not opt for redundant effects. Spaciousness, high quality materials and composition of façade and mass are important to us, as is a certain purity of the architecture.

Although RS I Roeleveld-Sikkes Architects is a large firm, with about 40 employees, the lines in our organization are short. Cooperation and an enthusiastic atmosphere are highly valued, not only in internal communications. We have extensive experience in participating in planning teams, in which the ability to enthuse a party is our strength. To strengthen the cooperation within a planning team, we have switched to a drawing system suitable for BIM. BIM is a solution that saves, uses and manages all relevant information throughout the construction process in a digital model that is available to all parties.

The quality of our work process is objectively evaluated and assessed at any time as a result of our quality control system. We therefore fulfil the European ISO-standard for process quality. Because of years of experience and expertise we are also very adept at cost aware planning and building. Over the years we have gained a lot of insight into cost consequences of choices for structural systems, detailing, materials and the finishing application level. Due to the fact that we emphasize the programmatic concept and quality of use of each design, it is possible for us to make a customized suit for each user. Our comprehensive orientation, all-round expertise and fresh approach to every task we see, enables us to constantly realize innovative and astonishing solutions.
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