Sabrina Landini
Sabrina Landini

Sabrina Landini

Manufacturers from Via Umbria, 35A, Pietrasanta, Italy
As a child, she wanted to see the hauses of the neighborhood. She wanted to see them all, every single house in Montelupo Fiorentino, the small town where she was born, only a few steps from Florence, attracted by the warmth, the scents and colors of people and objects that lived in there. Montelupo was famous, for centuries, for the Ceramics and the Glass Art.

Sabrina used to play over mountains of colored glass, attracted by the shapes and colors of the processing wastes around. In the workshop where her father Silvano, a Master glazier, created his works, Sabrina was stunned by the glass powder that the fire changed into glowing balls of light and also by her father, who modeled those pieces into beautiful and bright crystal objects.

There, in Montelupo, those wanders among glasses, houses, things and people became, little by little, her life plan. The life of a "daughter of Art" .

In Tuscany, between Carrara and Pisa, placed at the foot of the marble quarries from which,unique masterpieces, are extracted by the time, there is the small town of Pietrasanta, also known as the "Little Athens".

In the heart of Pietrasanta, a hundred meters from the beautiful Piazza del Duomo, where the footsteps of the immense Michelangelo Buonarroti rings again, here we find Sabrina, delighted to welcome you into her new and cozy “Atelier & Gallery”. Here, her joyfully called "My Beauxobjets" collection takes form, along with international artists’ works.

Within her small workshop based in the Navigli area, in Milan, she designed Tiffany, her first lamp, her first "objet".
It became immediately a success, not only over Italy. Its elegant shape, would finally distinguish her brand.

Then, in Pietrasanta, arises her personal and innovative collection.
She designs mirrors, lamps, chairs and tables, original and creative objects, as well as the names that gives them: crazy mixtures of languages, from Joy to Freevolle, from Sunshine to Twobe, Iris and Freedom ...
that finally you can find here and there, around the world: Paris, Milan, London, The Hague, Dubai, Moscow,NY.
All signed by Sabrina.

The research of materials is obsessive: crystals, silks and elegant papers, silver, precious stones and metals. Pure materials, most of them rare, which have been found by her curious wander with no frills or tinsels, offer authentic reflections of their own light.

Designed, manufactured and assembled one by one with the help of ancient gestures of Tuscan artisans, the "Beauxobjets" become so unique. Unrepeatable. To keep alive the richness of those gestures.

Welcome to Sabrina’s world.
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