Samark Arkitektur

Architects from MALMÖ, Sweden
SAMARK Arkitektur & Design is an architectural and engineering company with close to 60 years experience and offices in Malmö and Stockholm. Since the turn of 2010/2011 SAMARK is as part of LINKarkitektur AB. SAMARK as in SAMuelson.

Our company started in the early 50’s under the name of Jaenecke & Samuelson Arkitektkontor AB in Malmö. Internationally we are represented by a range of strategically chosen partners e.g. in Denmark, Spain, Poland, Norway, Dubai and the US. Sometimes, we ourselves take on the role of local partner in projects with foreign architects both in Sweden and other Nordic countries.
Our Offices
Samark Arkitektur MALMÖ
+46 - (0)10 479 99 00
MALMÖ, Sweden