Landscape Architects from Sepänpellontie 2, PORI, Finland
Scanmikael is a company specialised in room partitions.
The plans, design and manufacturing of our products are 100% Finnish-made, and we only use top-quality domestic material suppliers. Our design and manufacturing premises are situated at Pori, and our show room is at Suutarila in Helsinki.

In our design and development work, we focus particularly on ease of use, reliability, appearance, and quality.

We take complete project responsibility for all of our sites. Spanning for nearly fifteen years, our collaboration with construction companies and architects’ and design agencies ensures the best end result for our customer. The wall system is designed while taking into consideration the harmonious appearance of the premises. Movable, folding and permanent glass walls can be combined, based on the specifications of the room, while maintaining a harmonious appearance.

Our main products:
Movable glass walls
Folding glass walls
Sliding and permanent glass walls
Sound proofing walls
Office glass walls
Shopping centre concept
Glass balustrades
We will design functional room dividers, always according to the customer’s site and requirements. We will appoint a project manager to all sites, who will guide the project to completion. You can get glass designs and project plans from us.

Delivery scope:
1. Extended delivery includes finished wall structures, and the surrounding structures, installed.

2. Normal delivery includes finished wall structures, either installed or not installed.
3. Limited delivery includes the equipment with glass cutting designs, for the wall structure assembly (without the glass).

All Scanmikael projects and their corresponding data are stored in our database, whence they can be retrieved from at a later time, too. When the project is completed, we will hand over the wall cards, user manuals, and user guides. Scanmikael only uses subcontractors committed to quality systems.
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