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ScanWest Design Ltd.

ScanWest Design Ltd.

Manufacturers from #G - 1153 Pioneer Road, Burlington, Canada
ScanWest - The Unity of Art and Life

Our objective is to elevate the interior door as a design priority among architects, design professionals and the consumer as it was before the advent of mass-production. Our contemporary artistic doors and panels are designed for residential and commercial new construction, renovation and remodeling markets.

The essence of ScanWest is to reflect a contrasting approach to today’s trend of designing doors to be invisible or blended into the overall space of a room. Our models create impact and add a focal point to contemporary living space. Reflecting a mixture of subtle and bold sculptural textures, our designs allow the pattern to play with light and shadow, further enhancing the character of the form. It is the creative finishing and details that define our aesthetics.

We combine traditional design techniques with technological trends, and integrate innovative materials to create unique interior doors. At our core is the emphasis on playfulness, simplicity, a presence in today’s time, but most importantly, an emotional connection with the design.
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