Semillas Arquitectura y cooperación

Semillas Arquitectura y cooperación

Architects from Lima, Peru
How did we get started?
Semilla is born in 2014 at the initiative of the arquitect Marta Maccaglia. After the experience of the construction of a nursery school in the village of Huaycán in 2011 and a secondary school in the Amazon community of Chuquibambilla in 2013 she founded Semillas in the central forest of Perú.

Who are we?
We are an international and interdisciplinary team of professionals comprised of architects and specialists in projects involving international cooperation. We received commission from public and private sector for the populations most in need.

Our philosophy
We believe that education is the foundation for personal and community development. We deeply value collaboration in fostering collective development, and strive to establish equal rights and opportunities for the communities we serve. Architecture, to us, is not only a form of cultural expression, but also a powerful way to improve peoples’ lives.

What do we do?
We work in rural areas of the Peruvian Amazon and villages surrounding Lima. This is a critical humanitarian setting. In short, we create and execute educational architecture projects with an emphasis on integrated development.

How do we do it?
Community participation is the basis for the work we do. From its initial appraisal to its conclusion, the community shares in every stage of a project’s development. The direct result is that the community deeply identifies with the project and gains a strong sense of ownership, creating important pillars for sustainability.

We also promote processes that encourage the exchange of knowledge and skills. Our architectural plans utilize local resources and materials, and are in line with bioclimatic design principles. We propose infrastructure which can be used by the whole community, with an aim to revitalize a declining sense of public, shared space.

Who do we work with?
Currently, Semillas creates and executes its own projects and works in collaboration with the Asociación Volcafe Speciality Peru (VSP) Generaciones, a key partner in the coffee-growing regions of the Peruvian rainforest. To carry out our projects, we work hand in hand with local communities, municipalities, and the Local Educational Management Units.

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