Sérgio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto
Sérgio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto

Sérgio Miguel Godinho Arquiteto

Architects from Lisboa, Portugal
The " SMG arquitecto " is an office based in Lisbon, working out studies and architectural projects throughout the country.

The architecture that the workshop seeks, is in the unique interpretation of the place, as a space of confluence of disparate events. In interpreting local cultures, which do not add up these - are subsequently blended, alter, reshape itself.

It plays here, the analog territory to a text, need to be modified, created or deleted, but the content can also be modified, projecting out of fixed assumptions, preconceptions or stereotypes.

Projects into that particular tectonic win a guest character in a certain place. Things happen, take place, which is the spacing of what happens. Hospitality takes place, it happens, it can happen without connection to a city, a specific and identifiable location. The architecture takes place, and take place, it is time to have happen.

The design witness the birth of a new world. The form of witness is the touch - the design touch the world, these endless worlds in fermentation.
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SMG arquitecto Lisboa
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